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What do we do for our users?

KickSize helps users pick the right shoe size when ordering a new brand online. Shoe sizes differ between brands; this causes hesitation and returns when buying shoes online. The user tells us a size and brand that they currently wear, and we recommend a size for their new brand.

How do we generate our recommendations?

We ask a user about their current pairs of shoes and estimate their "true" foot size. We then provide a recommendation that matches this true size. We are constantly adding to and improving our shoe size databases to improve our recommendations.

Why do we ask about your existing shoes?

Getting the right shoe fit is all about what feels best. It's subjective and involves far more than just taking one or two foot measurements. By asking about the shoes that you currently wear, we not only understand the size of your foot, but we understand how you like your shoes to fit. For example, if you prefer your shoes to fit somewhat loosely, that will be reflected in our recommendation.

How does adding another pair improve the accuracy of our recommendation?

When a user tells us about one pair of shoes, we get a pretty good idea of their “true” foot size. However, there are small differences between shoe styles, and the users feet may have changed slightly since purchasing that brand. Telling us about additional pairs of shoes gives us more sources for estimating true foot size. We take the average of all our estimates and use this to generate the recommendation.

Where did the initial data come from?

To get started, we asked a group of trusted people to tell us which shoes fit them. We carefully vetted this data to make sure we were providing good recommendations.

What are we doing to expand our collection of shoe information?

We will continue to send surveys and ask trusted people which shoes they wear. This research will allow us to constantly add new brands and verify our recommendations.

How do the crowd-sourced recommendations work?

Along with our surveys and shoe research, we will also be crowd-sourcing shoe data as users visit our website. For example, if a user tells us that they wear size 8 in brand #1, and size 8.5 in brand #2, we can use that information to cross-check our data and improve our recommendations. Every person that visits our website helps us understand what the average person needs from their shoes. The crowd-source feature will not be implemented until we have sufficient data to get a good average.